If the worst should happen, could you get your aircraft back?

DroneFinder helps to get your aircraft back home if it crashes or becomes lost, by letting anyone who finds it immediately tell you where it is using their smartphone.

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By scanning a unique code on your lost aircraft with a smartphone or tablet, DroneFinder will immediately allow the finder to send you a text message or email with its whereabouts so that you can get it back.

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  • Peace of Mind That Your Aircraft Can Be Returned To You
  • Instant Notification By Email and SMS Message If Someone Finds Your Aircraft
  • Get Free Customised Stickers For Each Aircraft
  • No Need For Private Contact Info To Be On Your Aircraft
  • Add UNLIMITED Aircraft To Your Account
  • Real-Time Updates Of Your Contact Information

Who is DroneFinder for?

DroneFinder is for both commercial and hobbyist "drone" and "FPV" pilots who fly radio-controlled aircraft and wish to help protect themselves from significant financial loss if their aircraft does not return home after a flight or mission.

Frequent Questions

What can DroneFinder Do?

DroneFinder gives each aircraft you register a unique code which can be scanned using a smartphone allowing anyone who finds your aircraft the ability to send the exact GPS location of your aircraft to you so that you can retrieve it.

How It Works