Just one more flight, what could possibly go wrong?

If your aircraft ever gets lost during a flight, good luck getting it back - until now!

How Drone Finder works

There's no words able to describe that sinking feeling when your drone suddenly disappears into the sunset, never to be seen again - your significant financial investment disappearing with it.

Low batteries, GPS issues, hardware failures - they can all work to ensure your drone falls out of the sky without a seconds notice - and in doing so remove any ability for you to get it back unless you're super-lucky or have a decent idea of where it was flying at the time.

If you don't know where your drone crashed, how will you get it back?

Even if someone finds it at a later date, there's no way of them knowing who to contact and more often than not your pride and joy will end up on ebay for a fraction of its worth.

Make sure you someone can let you know where your drone fell

That's why we produced DroneFinder - a quick and easy way to help get your drone back if it becomes lost while you're flying.

If someone comes across your aircraft, they can either scan it with their smartphone or enter its code onto the website to get instant access to your contact details and or a notification system to let you know exactly where it has been found so you can go and pick it up.

You can control which information is available to the finder by editing your privacy settings in your account, and of course you can keep all information up to date simply by editing your profile at any time.

Ensure your drone doesn't get lost

Why not give create an account then generate some stickers customised to your drone? It's quick and easy and you can control your privacy settings at the click of a mouse.

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01 Jun 2017 at 05:55 by The DroneFinder Team

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