Privacy Policy.

At DroneFinder we take your privacy very seriously - here's our thoughts on the matter

Your data

Your account information is stored in such a way that it is unrecoverable by us, and uses industry standard security authentication - please choose a decent password.

The information you enter into DroneFinder is done entirely at your own risk - we will take every reasonable step to ensure that it stays private (unless specifically set otherwise in your privacy settings) but you are ultimately responsible for its addition to the website and possible subsequent display in public.

The way your data is displayed

Your information will be displayed as per your privacy settings whenever an aircraft you own is scanned, or the code related to it is entered into the website - while these codes should be difficult to guess, it is entirely possible that someone may do so at some point - so make sure any information you place in your profile is safe to be seen in public.

Marketing, etc

We will not share your e-mail address with anybody - period.

We might send you third party offers from time to time, but only if you've allowed us to in your privacy settings.